Secure Shopping

Security Via SSL

We want your online shopping experience to be worry-free which is why we use SSL (Secure Socket Layers). SSL is the most advanced online ordering security system available. All of your personal information, including your credit card number, is encrypted by SSL.

Secure Socket Layer

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a method of encrypting the information a web browser and a web server send to each other. When you browse a web site, you have very little privacy. Many people can monitor what you reveal to, or request from, that site. Credit card numbers and personal data for example are an open book to the technologically sophisticated eavesdropper.

An SSL-enhanced browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer use encryption to scramble the data you send to a web site into an unintelligible string of seemingly random characters.

Secure vs. Unsecure

Let's take a look at an example showing the difference between unsecure and secure transactions:

  • Unsecure transaction:

    The browser knows it's using a normal, unsecure connection so when you send an order containing your credit card number it sends "2783-2734-8372-8737" in plain text to the server.

  • Secure (SSL) Transaction:

    The browser knows it is using a secure connection. The browser converts "2783-2734-8372-8737" into a seemingly random collection of characters like "e$$%0lj*(#foij" and sends it to the server. The server receives "e$$%0lj*(#foij" and converts it back into "2783-2734-8372-8737".

In short, SSL encrypts your information to avoid the decoding of that information by anyone other than American Defense MFG, LLC.

Secondary Security

As an added measure, American Defense MFG, LLC further encrypts your credit card information prior to sending to the database. It is stored in an encrypted state until your order is processed. Once your order has been processed, all credit card information is automatically removed from the database.