International Shipping

American Defense Manufacturing offers a variety of items that requires either Department of Commerce approval or US State Department approval and an export license to legally ship outside of the United States of America. The regulations can change from item to item but we are here to help with that determination and get the right documents in place for any international shipment. A license may be needed for items such as:

  • Rifles
  • Parts and components
  • Optical Sights
  • Optical Mounts

Licenses can take around 30-60 days to obtain from the US State Department and the Departments of Commerce.

American Defense Manufacturing has a duty to check any shipments that are traveling as either direct or indirect exports. A direct export is one that is purchased outside of the United States and ships outside of the United States. An indirect export is one that is purchased by a customer outside of the United States but is shipped inside of the United States. Both a direct and indirect export requires an export license. It is American Defense Manufacturing's job to insure that the shipping process is done in a lawful manner. Any person who intends to violate those laws will be reported to the appropriate authorities by American Defense Manufacturing.

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is administered by The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) through the US Department of State. Click here for more information on License Support Documentation information from DDTC: or here for information on licensing for items regulated by the Department of Commerce:

Canadian Customers

The link below can help provide information for regulations that Canada may have in place for importing items that American Defense Manufacturing sells. Customers from Canada must have a certified English import certificate stating you may import firearms components. Do not send your original, you will need it to receive the shipped items. Click "here" for more information on firearm and firearm parts/components purchases.